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Buy Samsung Galaxy Genuine Parts For DIY Repairs

  • In yet another win for DIY repair advocates, Samsung has started selling genuine spare parts for Galaxy phones and tablets in collaboration with iFixit. The report comes a few short months after the South Korean tech giant teamed up with the tech repair website to allow its customers to repair their own devices. Announcing the self-repair partnership earlier this year, Samsung claimed that it would help people get their hands on authentic parts, the proper tools for repair, and easy-to-understand repair guides for eligible devices.

    Samsung's tie-up with came a few months after Apple announced its Self Service Repair program to let users fix their iPhones and Macs using genuine parts purchased from Apple's online store. The company has traditionally discouraged third-party repairs and has often been accused of choking the supply of replacement parts to outlets that are not part of its certified repair program. Last year, an alleged training video also surfaced online, showing how Apple discourages third-party repairs.

    In a press release, Samsung announced that its self-repair program would include the Galaxy S20 and S21 smartphones, as well as the Galaxy Tab 7+ tablet. As part of the plan, owners can buy repair kits and spare parts to replace the devices' screen, back glass and charging port. In addition to the parts, buyers will also get access to online repair guides that the company says will provide "visual and written step-by-step instructions" for free. The parts will be made available through iFixit, Samsung 837 and the company's retail stores across the country.

    Samsung's Self-Repair Program

    To replace the display, Samsung says that customers will have to buy entire display assemblies that include the phone screen, metal frame, bezel and battery. However, the company warns that customers should not try to replace the battery if it's swollen and should instead visit an authorized service center to get it repaired. There's no word, however, on whether the company will also sell replacement batteries separately. According to Samsung, its new policy will not only help extend the life of its smartphones but will also cut down the amount of e-waste generated by these devices.

    It is worth noting that the list of compatible phones does not include any device from the Galaxy S22 lineup, which is a bit of a surprise. However, the company says that the program will add more phones and replacement parts, meaning Samsung will likely add the current flagship series to the mix in the future. As for the parts available at launch, Samsung said they would be available at the same pricing offered to its affiliated repair providers.